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Sprachkurs/Sommerschule: Engineering Master Summer School: Sustainability and Circular Economy

Einrichtung:  Technische Hochschule Rosenheim

Zeitraum und Ort: 24. – 29.7.2023, Rosenheim

Stipendienprogramm: Sprachkurse und Sommerschulen in Bayern

My biggest motivation to go on a summer in Germany is my dream to work in Germany or Austria one day. So I had the opportunity to speak both English and German during the course. I am a big fan of German cars and one part of the summer school was an excursion to BMW Welt, which was really cool. I am also interested in cars technology and nowadays is a big theme also sustainability in the car industry, which was introduced in the BMW Welt.

I am studying Environmental Chemistry and Technology and working in the plastics recycling company as the Assistant Production Manager at the same time. So the class „Sustainability and Circular Economy“ of the Engeneering Master Summer School in Germany caught my attention. Recycling is one of the main principles of circular economy, so this school helped me go more in depth. I am also planning to write my Master thesis with this area.

My preparation for staying abroad was learning more English and German. I also watched some videos on YouTube with circular economy topic (mostly also in English) to be even more in touch with this principles and industry.

„Now I have even bigger motivation to further work on myself.“

The course was really great. One day we went on an excursion to the construction company in Bavaria. Four other days were taught in classes. Learning in English was really beneficial for me. We wrote the exam in the end of the summer school. I learned lot of new things, but I was glad, that I already knew some of them. Now I have even bigger motivation to further work on myself.

The region Bavaria is really pretty. What I like the most is always  nature, so not many regions can compare to south Bavaria. The city of Rosenheim was a smaller town, but peaceful and pleasant to stay. On the last day were we in Munich and to be honest, I was not that impressed. The university was nice, a little bit smaller than what I am used to, but no problem. They had tasty food, better than in Brno. Accomodation was really good in Munich and Rosenheim.

In the free time we went to the city to eat German, Italian or Greek food. We also played volleyball and other games. I was also studying for the exam during my free time or got some more sleep, because the schedule was great, but also difficult.

My classmates from all over the world were fantastic. It was super to acquiant with so many nice people. The biggest percentage of classmates was from Italia. They were funny and I am thankful that I made more friends. They also invited me to come to Italy, Bologna. The experience is perfect for me. I hope it will be an advantage next year (or in two years), when I want to move to a German speaking country to work there. I proved to myself, that I am capable of making friends and communicate pretty good in English and also in German, which was complimented by some Germans during my stay.

Text: Stipendienbericht / Bild: Engineering Master Summer School, TH Rosenheim

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